Top Ten Fall Forests

Labor Day has come and gone here in the U.S., which can mean only one thing. Summer is waning, and the crisp, cool days of Fall can’t be far away now. If you live in the South, like me, you welcome the change of seasons with the hot weather disappearing and allowing you to finally head back outside to enjoy yourself on the trail.

If you’re looking for some suggestions for Autumn adventures, than Gorp has you covered with their list of the Top Ten Fall Forests. Is there really a better time to spend a day hiking in the woods? The weather is amazing, the air is fresh and clear, and trees become nature’s canvas with bright, bold colors everywhere.

This list has some great suggestions on where to head out to see those incredible Fall colors, and no matter where you live, there should be one of these Forests within a few days drive. For example, living in Austin, TX I’m about equal distance from the Mark Twain National Forest, Missouri and the Gunnison National Forest in Colorado, which come in at number 6 and 4 respectively on the list. Both would provide a great Fall getaway.

Of course there are plenty of other good suggestions on the list as well, and I can’t think of a more perfect time to hit the trail, either on foot or mountain bike. Enjoy the Fall while we can, because Winter will bring a whole different set of adventures.

Kraig Becker

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