Where is the Best Climbing In The U.S.?

Climbing Magazing recently published a story in their print magazine outlining what they call the “Climbing Livability Index” which is a set of parameters designed to find the best geographic areas in the United States for climbing.

Using a clearly defined methodology they created a set of maps that outline the best areas to find good climbs all over the country. You can find out more about how the maps were crated in Tom Dilt’s Mountaineering Blog.

They also used the data to create a top ten list of cities that are great for climbing, and are bad. Here’s the lists:

Top Ten Best Climbing Cities

Denver, CO
Las Vegas, NV
Colorado Springs, CO
Tucson, AZ
Chattanooga, TN
Reno, NV
Las Angeles, CA
Salt Lake City, UT
Albuquerque, NM
Phoenix, AZ

Top Ten Worst Climbing Cities

Laredo, TX
Corpus Christi, TX
Tampa, FL
Houston, TX
New Orleans, LA
Beaumont, TX
Jacksonville, FL
Baton Rouge, LA
Mobile, AL
Savannah, GA

This comes via The GoBlog

Kraig Becker

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