Biking Bolivia’s “Death Road”

Check out this crazy video. It’s of a couple mountain biking on a highway hat travels between La Cumbre and Coroico in Bolivia. The highway is charmingly named “Death Road” and it drops from 4700m to about 1200m over the course of the ride.

At first, it looks like a typical bike ride, although at a higher altitude. The road is nicely paved, and offers a nice challenge, but nothing too serious for someone in decent shape and use to riding their bike. Then, the riders head on to the true “Death Road”, where it is no longer paved, and it narrows considerably, as it hugs the sides of the mountain. The scenery is actually quite beautiful, and at one point you see an incredible waterfall coming down the side of the mountain. Later, as the riders forge ahead, you see that same waterfall dropping directly on to the road itself.

Cool video. Enjoy!

Thanks Gadling.

Kraig Becker

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  1. Awesome! I’ll give his blog a plug later after I’ve had some time to give it a good read. Look really great from a quick glance. Will he be doing the Death Road?

    Thanks for the tip Lorna! 🙂

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