Everest: Beyond The Limit Website Updated

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While surfing around the Discovery Channel Website today I noticed that the Everest: Beyond The Limit site has been updated with new information for Season 2 starting next week.

One of the more interesting updates is the team bios with brief introductions to the climbers, some returning from last season, and some new to the show. On the list you’ll find fan favorite Tim Medvetz and Mogens Jensen, both of whom return from last season, but new to the team is Betsy Huelskamp, who raised a bit of a controversy on her return. (Warning read that link only if you don’t mind spoilers to the new season)

Speaking of spoilers, there is also the official blog of the climb, written by Greg Child. It follows the whole expedition and should make a great companion piece to the television show, but be careful that you don’t read too far ahead, as it was written back in the Spring, as the expedition was on going, and could ruin some of the drama of the show for you.

The second season officially begins airing next Tuesday, October 30th at 10 PM EDT/ 9 Central. Set your Tivo now. And if you have an HDTV be prepared for it to look amazing! The show will run through December 18th, but a second show entitled After The Climb will begin airing on November 28th.

Although details are a little sketchy on this new addition to the show, it seems logical from the title that we’ll get to follow-up with the climbers after they have returned home. Hopefully it’s an interesting and compelling show as well. More on that as it become available.

Kraig Becker

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