Expedition 360 Ends! Jason Is Home!

I’ve mentioned the Expedition 360 several times in the past, but it’s making headlines once again, as at long last Jason Lewis has returned home.

Thirteen years ago Jason set out from the U.K. to circumnavigate the globe under his own power, and at long last, he has achieved that goal by returning home to Britian, paddling a boat up the Thames to finish where he began, at the Meridian Line in Greenwich. Along his epic journey, he traveled by foot, bike, pedal boat, kayak and inline skate. Every step of the way under his own power.

Back in 1994 Jason set off with his friend Steve Smith, who came up with the idea of making the entire journey under human power. Steve dropped out five years into the expedition, but Jason kept going, and now his journey is done. He faced plenty of hardships along the way of course, as is highlighted from the article from Australian newspaper The Age:

“Along the way, Lewis capsized in two oceans, suffered from two bouts of malaria, underwent surgery for two hernias, nearly died of blood poisoning 3000 kilometres out to sea from Hawaii, stumbled into a civil war in the Solomon Islands, suffered acute altitude sickness while biking over the Himalayas, and was robbed in Sumatra at the point of a machete.”

Jason’s latest blog headline says it all: “Circumnavigation Complete!!!” I imagine he’s resting at home once more today, catching up with family and friends and enjoying being back i the U.K. at long last. However, I can’t help but think that once the media attention dies down, and “normal” life sets back in, that he won’t miss the open road. The excitement of exploration, and the freedom of traveling the World. Wanderlust is a difficult thing to shake, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t announce another journey in the near future. Say Pole-to-Pole-to-Pole perhaps?

Congratulations on the completion of your journey Jason. You’re in inspiration to all of us.

Kraig Becker

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