Graham Hoyland Interviewed On New Zealand Radio

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The Everest Is Ours Blog came across this radio interview with Graham Hoyland conducted by a radio station in New Zealand on his recent presentation to the Royal Geographic Society on how George Mallory may have made it to the top of Everest back in 1924.

I first posted on Hoyland’s theory last week when he announced that he suspected that Mallory and Irvine didn’t go up the Second Step at all, but instead took another route that could have possibly given them access to the summit.

A route that Hoyland claims was more of a focus back in 1924, before Hillary went up the mountain on the South Side, via the HIllary Step, or the Chinese went up the North over the Second Step.

The radio interview doesn’t tread a lot of new ground, as Hoyland simply goes about explaining his theory and why he came to these conclusions. I have to admit, his theory is sound, as told here, but as we’ve heard from others, this “alternate route” that Hoyland is talking about isn’t necessarily easier.

Still, this is a good clip to listen to, and it’s interesting to hear Hoyland reiterate that his theory takes nothing away from Sir Edmund Hillary’s climb. Considering he’s on New Zealand radio, he had to give a nod to Sir Ed. 😉

Kraig Becker

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