Hardwear Sessions Interviews Ed Viesturs

Ed Annapruna SM
Hardwear Sessions the official blog of Mountain Hardwear Gear has conducted a brief, but very interesting interview with Ed Viesturs who talks about a variety of things, including his recent journey to the Baffin Islands as part of Will Steger’s Globalwarming 101 expedition as well as his 200th climb of Mt. Rainier.

Ed has also been headlining the Sharp End Tour for Mountain Hardwear and is giving lectures all over the country on his climbing experience. Being the only American to top out on all 14 8000m peaks does tend to keep a guy pretty busy you know.

He also gives us a bit of a glimpse into his future plans, as he admits that he has always had an interest in in the arctic and that he is making plans to return their soon, this time going with out dog sleds. On this next expedition, Ed says that they’ll be going unsupported, carrying their own equipment behind them on sleds. He hasn’t forgotten about the mountains either, saying that there are some projects in the works with David Breashears and long time climbing partner Veikka Gustafsson.

It’s a very good interview and an excellent way to catch up with what’s been keeping Ed busy of late. Of course, you can also drop by his website for the latest news and info on America’s premiere high altitude mountaineer.

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