High Tech Gear From Outside

nike ipod
Outside Online has the scoop on some cool high tech gear for all of our outside needs. Whether your training, hiking, climbing, or just hanging out, there are some interesting new items for the gear hound in all of us.

They kick things off with the Nike+iPod, which I reviewed a year ago. While it’s not a new product any more, it is an amazing little gadget for runners and it’ll challenge you to be better. A year after I wrote the above review, I still recommend it very highly.

Other items on the list include the ruggedized Motorola i580 cell phone, that is designed to withstand extreme conditions and survive a drop onto rocks. There is also a cool looking jacket from Scapegoat called the Almanac, as well as a Nuvi GPS from Garmin.

On top of the fact that I’m a gear nut, I also tend to like gadget of nearly any kind, so if you can find away to mix high tech gear and gadgets for outdoor pursuits, I’m in heaven. My wallet whimpers a little, but I’m in heaven! Check out the list, then go make your wallet whimper a little too.

Kraig Becker

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