Himalaya Update: Teams Retreat From Shisha Pangma

MountEverest.net brings us another update from the HImalaya today with news on some of the teams still working away on various mountains.

On Shisha Pangma, the weather conditions have not improved much, and the upper slopes remain covered in heavy snow. The Spanish team that includes both Edurne Pasaban and Ivan Vallejo has called it quits after a tough acclimatization climb that was marked by deep snow that made it difficult to break trail. Similarly, Andrew Lock says that the summit attempt is not looking good, with reports of a weather window opening up on the 6th seemingly slipping away. However, the Jagged Globe Team reports that there is still a chance, and theyโ€™ll stay to support any of their team members who want to make a go of it. Our friend Alan Arnette continues his climb as well, although his team now sets itโ€™s sites on the Central Summit.

On Dhaulagiri, Dodo and Kinga have turned back after reaching C2. The heavy snows above C2, combined with more snow falling, made it impossible to continue up the mountain. However, they are optimistic that the weather will improve soon, and they are in good spirits and health, so they expect to be going back up again soon.

Nives Meroi and husband Romano, continue to work away on Makalu, where they have established C1 at 6300m. Over the next few days theyโ€™ll climb higher, and turn their attention to the big wall. But, as everywhere else in the Himalaya recently, heavy snows will slow progress on the higher portions of the mountain.

Finally, on Cho Oyu, the Jagged Edge Team has reached the top and safely returned to C2 where they are currently resting. Congrats on a successful summit gang!

Kraig Becker

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