Long Rider Bernice Is Home!

Niarada MT Bernice
About a month and a half ago I posted a story on Bernice Ende, a woman who was traveling 5000 miles through 14 states on horseback with her dog Claire has her constant companion. At the time of that post, she was in Lacrosse, Washington and bearing down on her home in Trego, Montana.

Well, it turns out just a few weeks after writing about her journey, she completed her trip and returned home, 16 months after setting out. The last entry in her blog, dated September 23rd, is her way at summing up her journey and what it was like to finally come home.

Like a true Long Rider, Bernice is already planning for her next journey to get underway next year. No hints yet as to where she’ll be heading, but you can bet that Claire, and her horse Honor, will be joining her.

One of the amazing quotes from her final post is that she went through β€œ14 sets of horseshoes and 12 pair of dog booties” over the 16 months. No mention of how many riding boots she went through though. πŸ™‚

Thanks to my saddle tramp big brother for sending the update.

Kraig Becker

3 thoughts on β€œLong Rider Bernice Is Home!”

  1. I would saddle up and ride with Bernice any time. Any person who plans her next adventure in the middle of a current one shows some real focus and grit!

    The Minnesota Saddle Tramp

  2. Any guesses on her next trip? How about yo-yo-ing the Pacific Crest Trail? Canada to Mexico and then back again? Hmm… wonder what she has up her sleeve.

    Keep your eyes on the trail Saddle Tramp πŸ˜‰

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