The Mountain Hardwear Backcountry Cookbook

Looking to add some new dishes to your backcountry culinary choices? Then check out this cookbook from the folks over at Mountain Hardwear.

The 20 page PDF document, free to download, contains some interesting concoctions from some of Mountain Hardwear’s sponsored athletes. For instance, you’ll find “Ed McMuffins” from Ed Viesturs, which are simply rye crackers, salami, swiss cheese, and hot mustard. Who says Ed doesn’t know how to cook?

Other interesting recipes include Mountain Curry from Andrew McLean, Mountain House Lasagna from Ueli Steck, and Garlic Beef Potatoes from Mike Libecki. Now you can live like these outdoor legends too! Fire up your firepit and get to cooking!

All kidding aside, there are some tasty-sounding dishes in here, and we’re all probably looking for alternatives to those freeze-dried packets from REI.

Kraig Becker

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