The Never Ending Voyage!

Here’s an amazing story that I found on today. It seems that ocean explorer Henk de Velde has set off on his last voyage, with the intent that he’ll never return off again.

ExWeb posted this interview with him which spells out his plan. He’s heading for the open ocean, leaving behind his friend, family, home, and even his country to wander where the winds will take him. The 58 year old Henk says that the thought has crossed his mind a number of times in the past, but he always returned home to see his family. But now, he will just keep traveling.

Henk is quick to point out that he is not a millionaire who has the resources to just sail for what ever harbor strikes his fancy. He has put his entire life’s savings into his ship, and it will be his home from now on. But his years at sea have taught him to be self sufficient and innovative in his survival. For instance, he will capture rain to use as his source of water on the boat. One of his previous journey’s lasted seven years, so he is not stranger to the nomadic lifestyle.

The man is a living embodiment of adventure. When asked what he will miss most about home, his answer is simple: “The truth is…I miss nothing, and that’s the truth!” He does leave behind a 26 year old son and an 86 year old mother, and that weighs on his mind some, but he hears the calling of the ocean, and he must go.

You can follow his adventures on his website found here. Remember, all who wander are not lost…

Kraig Becker

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  1. This is an awesome adventure! I see that he's just started up again (has he ever stopped?)

    Sailing around the world is definitely something that we would like to do in our own journey.

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