New Speed Climbing Record On Cho Oyu?

Remember Christian Stangl? He’s the Austrian climber who knocked off Everest in 16 hours, 42 minutes last year, ABC to summit, without oxygen no less. Then he later went on to top out on 3 6000m peaks in 16 hours and 16 minutes while in the Andes. Well, it seems he may be up to his old tricks, this time on Cho Oyu.

According to this article over at, Christian has climbed Cho Oyu in 15 hours, 6 minutes, basecamp to summit. Apparently he completed this speed climb on Oct 1st, climbing throughout the night under near perfect conditions.

As of now, we don’t have any independent verification of the speed climb, or if it’s a new record for sure, but considering the guys credentials, I’d guess it’s petty legitimate. I’m sure we’ll hear more about this in the days ahead, with more information coming out. Pretty amazing feat to say the least.


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  1. Actually Christian is thought to have claimed a fradulent record on Mt. Elbrus as (1) his summit photo is of only his head and the photo appears cropped showing no surface features and nothing showing the actual summit. Like fraud-artist Chad Kellogg and his photo for Khan Tengri (not for a speed climb but for just a whole climb to the summit and tic to his resume).

    Christan Stangl has been engaging in fraud on several major peaks including submitting a summit photo of Elbrus of only his head with no mountain surface or background shown, also the absence of summit photos on many major peaks like Everest where it is very standard and expected for such historic events, and how Stangl was challenged to enter the Elbrus race after claiming an Elbrus record (he entered and promoted his entry, then bowed out at the last minute despite his entry being publicized on many major international websites).


    Stangl Elbrus Claim, Drops Out Of Elbrus Race
    August 24 2006 at 2:18 PM 19901 (Login 19901)
    Earlier this 2006 year, Autrian Christian Stangl’s 2006 Elbrus speed ascent claim was posted on the website, Climbing Mag, Outdoor News Wire,, dozens more.

    His only summit photo. Does not show any of the summit.
    [URL=[/IMG][/URL” target=”_new” rel=”nofollow”>”>[/IMG][/URL]

    There were suspicions. Also due to lack of any witnesses. Stangl was then challenged to enter the Elbrus Race by many including Dan Howitt of Portland, Oregon. Stangl promoted his involvement & was listed in the race list with his photo and biography and other record claims:

    Recent update by Elbrus Race organizers, Stangl drops out of race:
    “22.08.2006 last minute info from Christian Stungl
    > Thanks for your mail.
    > I tried to start training few weeks ago. Unfortunately I got again some
    > problems with my frostbitten toe.
    > Looking forward to climb next year in the himalayas or anywhere else in
    > the world again I decided not to take part in the Elbrus speed climb in
    > order to recover completley from my frostbite.
    > I am sorry to give you such an answer. I am very curious about the winner
    > time this year in September. Please keep me informed!
    > best regards from Austria
    > Chris

    Climbing Magazine’s Dougald MacDonald responded to the many criticisms of Stangl’s lacking “summit photo” and talked with Stangl, Stangl saying he would do the Elbrus race.

    Stangl also claimed an Everest speed record this year, North face without oxygen in 16 hours and 42 minutes from basecamp.
    His summit photo (scroll down to bottom) and [URL=[/IMG][/URL” target=”_new” rel=”nofollow”>”>[/IMG][/URL]
    does show the summit — the concern is whether he did the climb without oxygen as he says. Many have doubted this believing he took his oxygen off for the photo, and used it on and off up to the summit.
    Stangl’s Everest claim has no witnesses, no timers.

    Search the internet for dozens of publications and news coverage of Stangl’s three record claims – Kilimanjaro, Elbrus, Everest.

    Conservative and leading company Team Kilimanjaro has REJECTED Stangl’s Kilimanjaro record claim after interviewing Stangl and others.
    Stangl reports time of 5hrs 36min 38sec claiming to beat professional athlete Bruno Brunod’s record by a few minutes over this 15,000 vertical foot ascent (one way to the top) over about 12 miles, by just a few minutes over this distance. Stangl’s various time of day reports and other factors have led Team Kilimanjaro to reject this record. Also lack of summit photo, lack of timers, lack of full witnesses.


    Original Americas Roof coverage:

    “Claim of 5 Hour 18 Minute Climb of Elbrus
    Christian Stangel claims to have climbed Elbrus in a record 5 hours 18 minutes.

    Stangl Sets Speed Record on Elbrus
    Austrian climber Christian Stangl set a speed record on Mt. Elbrus recently, climbing Europe’s highest peak in 5 hours and 18 minutes. Stangl started his ascent of the 18,506-foot mountain at the Azau ski area, which is located at 7,150-feet.
    Stangl speed climbed Kilimanjaro (5:36:38) and Aconagua (4:25, from ABC) and soled a couple of 8,000 meters peaks, according to – Austrian climber Christian Stangl set a speed record on Mt. Elbrus recently, climbing Europe’s highest peak in 5 hours and 18 minutes.”


    Climbing Magazine:
    No summit photo provided.

  3. Hmm… interesting. I had heard about questions to his claims of speed records on Elbrus, but hadn’t heard anything about challenges to his Everest summit.

    To say there were no witnesses or timers on Everest seems strange, since it’s unlikely no one saw him going up or down. Not saying he did or didn’t set a record, just saying that with the traffic on Everest, it seems odd that someone wouldn’t have noticed him climbing, and at least watch through a telescope from BC or passed him on the mountain with his oxygen.

    Regardless, it’s a sad state when you can’t trust any of the “records” these days. What’s next? Blood doping to get an advantage?

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