Nicki’s Back In BC After Carstensz Summit!

Yesterday I noted that Nicki Branch was currently on Carstensz Pyramid as she worked towards her next goal of achieving the Seven Summits. She was projected to be going for the summit yesterday, but there had been no word on her progress.

Today, her blog has been updated with word that she did indeed top out on The Pyramid yesterday, after a long 16 hour climb that involved a treacherous Tyrolean Traverse over a large gap. The update is rather brief, but from the wording it sounds like this was a tough day on the mountain, but thankfully everything went well, and the whole team is now back in BC, safe and sound.

With Carstensz out of the way, she now has five of the Seven Summits down, having already knocked off Kili, Aconcagua, Denali, and Elbrus. From the looks of her plans, she’ll next head to Australia and hike up Kosciuszko, so that she’ll have both version of the Seven Summits covered. Then it’s on to Vinson in December, and Everest next Spring.

Congrats on the latest peak Nicki. You’re in inspiration to us all. Have fun down under!

Kraig Becker

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