Programming Note: Nightline Goes Into The Wild

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It looks like the hype for Into The WIld continues tonight, this time with ABC News jumping on the bandwagon. On tonight’s episode of Nightline they’ll take a look at the Chris McCandless Story and how it’s inspiring other adventurers to set out into the Alaskan wilderness in search of McCandless’ famous (infamous?) bus, where he died, alone, of starvation.

So, if you’re up tonight at 11:35 Eastern/10:35 Central and are looking for something to watch, tune over to Nightline and learn more about the Into The Wild Story.

Kraig Becker

11 thoughts on “Programming Note: <i>Nightline</i> Goes Into The Wild”

  1. I watched Nightline last night. It’s crazy how ill-prepared some of these people are when they go into the backcountry. I admire McCandless for his spirit, but I think he was an idiot for his recklessness.

  2. I would bet that OIA is counting on this to be the thing that gets the X & Yers out of the house. Just make sure you load with supplies at the local REI!!!

    John in Fresno

  3. John in Fresno,

    Can this be the magic bullet that revives Backpacking..Think about it! You have a counter culture fiqure that had alot going for him and still he chooses the unknown..Is this much different than the Boomers listening to Timothy Leary’s drop out mnatra in the sixties or will the noise of Halo 3 in HD drown this out as well.Just a thought. Oh by the way I will be going by REI toady !!

    Steve in Fresno

  4. Hmm… Well, the movie sure could inspire some people to get outside, but unfortunately it could be the wrong people. Just hope they’re more prepared than McCandless was.

  5. I am sure Chris had great “utopia” ideals, but Wade is right: how Chris behaved was reckless. I am sure he enjoyed it but he could have also made it alive. There was a lack of solemn respect for Wild Nature and for how wild it is.

  6. I agree that Chris was wholly unprepared, but then again I’m 33, he was only 24, and if I recall correctly, thats the kind of thing being 24 is all about, Knowing it all, acting without thinking of the consequences and most importantly, not having discovered what mortality is, I mean it’s only after 30 or so that you REALLY know that you will die. In your teens and 20’s you know theoretically that you will die, but only in your 30’s do you know in your heart, as Krakauer points out, along with many others, thats how you get dumb kids to join the army and go to war

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