Rock Climbing In Red River Gorge

Red%20River%20Gorge%20GO%2003 0 has undergone a facelift on their website, which allowed me to discover an article I missed from a month or so back. It’s written by Drew Peterson, and it centers around his experiences rock climbing in Red River Gorge, located in Kentucky.

Drew spent some time in “the Red” late last June, discovering that it’s not only was it a great spot for rock climbing, but that it was also very hot and muggy there at that time of year. He mentions that while climbing the air was very still, making it feel even hotter than normal. Even the excess chalk from his hands hung in the air, with only gravity to push it down.

But, he was also rewarded with over 140 crags and 2000 routes to climb in sandstone rock that varied greatly in texture and challenge depending on your location. Drew mentions that both sport and “trad” climbing were popular in the area, and that any climber will find something of value by dropping by Red Rock Gorge.

It sounds like a pretty amazing place to visit, even if you’re not going for the climbing. It’s also not nearly was well known as some of the other big spots, like Yosemite, so it doesn’t get as crowded as well. If you live in the area and are looking for a place to climb, it seems like this is a perfect destination. Just be sure to go when it’s a little cooler.

Kraig Becker

5 thoughts on “Rock Climbing In Red River Gorge”

  1. I spent alot of time in the gorge when I was in college. I learned to climb there. You’re right, it’s a wonderful place. The climbing community recognizes it often as one of the best places to climb in the east.

    I did “The Fig” last year in the gorge. A 60 mile, 12 hr adventure race. It is a tough one. We DNF… which was the first AR that I didn’t cross the line on. We were close, but it was a very tough race, in some VERY tough terrain. Ahhh memories.

  2. Wow! Sounds awesome! I think I really need to visit the Gorge sometime. It sounds like an amazing place to hike and camp.

  3. Its a great place. Although it has it’s problems. There are alot of car break-ins in the gorge. My buddies and I actually had a little run-in with some guys trying to break in our cars a few years back. And there are some other issues with management and preservation. But all-in-all its a beautiful place and alot of people don’t even know it’s there.

  4. Thanks for the tip! It’s a shame you have to worry about those things while out in the backcountry though.

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