Top 7 Adventure On (In, Along) The Arctic Ocean!

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Are you one of those travelers who isn’t big on spending time at the beach? Have you already been to the four corners of the World, but yet still yearn for a new adventure? Well, never fear, as Adventure Journey is back with an all new Top 7. This time it’s the Top 7 Adventures On (In, Along) The Arctic Ocean.

As always, there are some great suggestions here. For instance, #7 is a visit to Deadhorse, Alaska. They mention that this tiny little oil town is a great place to witness the Northern Lights and an abundance of wildlife, but also warn that there are few visitors to the place, and accommodations are sparse. Still, for getting off the beaten path, it’s hard to beat a place called “Deadhorse”.

From there you can head over to Churchill, Canada, in the province of Manitoba. It makes #5 on the list, for being the polar bear capital of the World. If that doesn’t do it for you, how about their #2 suggestion. Deep sea scuba diving in the Arctic Ocean! Of course, there are plenty of other choices, with more details on each, so if you’re looking for a get away that’s a bit cooler than most, be sure to take the advice of AJ.

Personally, I’m not much of a beach guy. I can handle an afternoon of chilling on the beach from time to time, but I’d much rather be off to the arctic, than hanging out in the Bahamas. Yeah, I know, I’m kind of crazy that way.

Kraig Becker

3 thoughts on “Top 7 Adventure On (In, Along) The Arctic Ocean!”

  1. No wonder you rather be in the arctic..You live in Texas. You have pretty nice weather all year long (except for the occasional tornado and hurricane) what is not to like? haha.

    Hey, by the way, did the big caving incident that has been all over the news happen near Austin? I thought I caught a glimpse of “Austin” on one of the Police Officers jackets–just curious.

  2. Well, the weather here is only perfect like nine months out of the year. 😉 Besides, I grew up in the Midwest. I have plenty of experience with the snow. 😉

    And yes, those missing spelunkers were right here in Austin. The cave is actually right in town. I haven’t gone through it yet, as I here it takes some time, and can be quite a tight squeeze.

    I thought about posting about it, and may yet do so. Pretty cool stuff and it underscores what a great “outdoor” town Austin is with caves this close.

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