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I found this fascinating article while perusing the Travel section over at It’s the first hand report of someone who recently traveled to Afghanistan as her vacation of sorts.

Obviously most people wouldn’t consider Afghanistan as a destination for their next international escape. While security and safety has improved in recent months, and it’s no where near as unsafe as Iraq, the country is still in the midst of turmoil and unrest. Some regions are held by the Taliban, and the country has been in a state of war for decades.

Still, there is an appeal to visit this ancient nation and see it’s sights first hand, and that’s just what Cassie Biggs of the Associated Press did for this article. She discusses the options for the adventure traveler when planning a trip to Afghanistan, and then goes into some detail about what you can expect when you are there.

While I’m sure the idea of visiting this country seems baffling to many, I can totally understand it personally. I would love to have the opportunity to visit the region, and explore some of the very rugged wilderness that Afghanistan is well known for. It’s a shame that the country has been in this constant state of chaos for so long, but hopefully in the near future, it’ll be safe for anyone to visit. This article makes me want to go even more!

Kraig Becker

3 thoughts on “Traveling To Afghanistan”

  1. My kids’ elementary school teacher does a trip there annually to help train & equip schools. It sounds absolutely amazing.
    At the same time, her trip was postponed about 3 months this last time for safety reasons.

  2. What an amazing opportunity. She gets to visit a fascinating place, and make a difference in the rebuilding process there.

    I can understand the safety concerns of course, and I’ve been to some places where Americans in particular have to be careful, but I’d still love to go. 🙂

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