20 Seconds of Joy

Rick McCharles from over at Best Hike has been spending some time over the past week at the Banff Mountain Film Festival and has passed along a tip on his personal choice for Best Film of the show. It’s called 20 Seconds of Joy, and it follows Karina Hollekim, a young woman who is addicted to the adrenaline rush of BASE jumping and continually takes greater risks to get her “20 seconds of joy”.

The film is directed by Jens Hoffmann who seems to have made a very thoughtful film that looks at why extreme athletes do the things they do and push themselves to ever more dangerous stunts. Rick says that while he’s not interested in trying the sport himself, the film made him understand it’s allure much better. The preview is beautifully shot, and while at times it looks like the typical “extreme sport” film, the spirit of the movie is that while it helps you understand why these athletes take the risks, it also looks at the price they for their sport.

Check out the video below. And thanks for passing this along Rick, it looks amazing and I’d like to see it myself now. Although it’s about BASE jumping, I’m guessing that some of it’s insights can be applied to other activities such as climbing and mountaineering as well.

20 Seconds of Joy

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