2007 Antarctic Season Is On!!

The 2007 Antarctic exploration season is now officially underway. According to this article over at ThePoles.com the first teams touched down at Patriot Hills on Saturday, with more on the way soon. Over the next few days, Antarctic explorers will begin their long journey to the Pole, and in some cases beyond.

The weather at Patriot Hills is said to leave a lot to be desired at the moment though, as the harsh polar winds have already wreaked havoc with the tents, requiring some to be be reinforced, with snow walls to protect them from the elements. Max Chaya reports that some of the tents have even been shredded by the sustained 50-60 knot winds. Most of the teams will hold their position until the weather improves before setting out.

Over the next few days and weeks we’ll hear a lot more about the various individuals and teams on the ice. Some will make for the Pole while others will be heading to Vinson to knock off one of the Seven Summits. A few brave explorers will even be attempting a traverse of the Antarctic continent itself. It should prove to be another interesting season on the frozen continent.

Kraig Becker

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