Adventure Xstream Race Series Comes To Television

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I received a press release earlier today from the good folks over at informing me that the Adventure Xstream Series of adventure races would begin airing on the Altitude Sports Network this weekend. Saturday, November 10th, at 5:30 PM EST/4:30 PM CST.

The hour long program will mark the return of adventure racing to television. For fans of the sport, it should be a real treat to see on of the premiere events in North America get some air time. If you’re new to adventure racing or just have an interest in what’s all about, be sure to tune in to see coed teams of four trek, bike, paddle and navigate their way through wilderness backcountry.

For those of you have DireTV, Altitude Sports is found on channel 644 and on channel 410 on Dish. If you have cable, you’ll just have to search for it. Set your DVR’s to catch the show, but if you miss it, there are plans to re-air it another 13 times throughout the Fall.

Personally, I’m always happy when I can catch adventure racing on TV. It’s such an amazing sport, and I love watching the teams go after one another over tough terrain. It’s a challenging sport for a television network to get right, but when they do, it makes you want to head out and form your own team, and experience a race for yourself.

Kraig Becker

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  1. I was impressed too. Good coverage for an event that is gaining momentum and a higher profile, on a network that is relatively small and new.

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