Another Cool Adventure Cam

oneill h4 campack

A while back I posted a couple of small and light cameras that could be mounted on a helmet for capturing video, hands free, of what ever your next adventure is. Today I have another one that offers something a little different.

I read about the O’Neill H4 Campack over at Gizmodo a few days back, and it certainly looked like an interesting piece of technology. Once again, the camera attaches to your helmet, and records video to secure data cards, getting as much as 160 minutes on a 2 GB card. But what’s cool about this cam over the others that I’ve posted about recently is that all of it’s mechanisms are enclosed inside a backpack, including a screen for watching the video you just shot, controls for fast forwarding and rewinding, as well as a large “record” button built right into the shoulder strap.

All of that technology in the backpack is great, and it doesn’t take up much room, allowing you to store all of your gear and goodies inside for a day on the mountain. Everyone knows how much I love a great backpack. Combine that with some gadgets, and I’m in heaven. The price tag on this one is a bit steep though, clocking in around $425. Still, it’s a pretty cool piece of technology and it looks like it would be a lot of fun to use.

You can learn more about it over at the official O’Neill website.

Kraig Becker

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