The Best of Adventure 2008

andrew skurka
Last week I mentioned that Andrew Skurka was named National Geographic Adventure Magazineโ€™s Adventurer of the Year. A huge honor for the long distance hiker who recently completed the Great Western Loop.

At the time, I only had a link to a press release, that also named 14 other adventurers who left their mark in this past year, as well as awarding lifetime achievement awards to Richard Branson and Will Steger. Since that posting, Adventure has updated their website with links to the stories.

To find out why Branson and Steger were honored (as if there is a lot of question), you can click here. The article discusses their impressive resumes, but also focuses on the Global Warming 101 expedition that both men took part in this year.

After that, click here to read about Skurka and the other adventurers of the year. The list is a distinguished one, with a number of names that will be familiar to regular readers of my blog, such as Bรธrge Ousland and Thomas Ulrichand Tim Cope.

Finally, check out their list of Audacious Acts of 2007 for some of the biggest and boldest adventures of the year. There are familiar names all over that list too, including Tyler Bradt, Jason Lewis, Adventure Blog favorite Hannah McKeand.

Kraig Becker

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