Can You Hear Me Now? – Cell Service Comes To Everest!

motorola everest
In preparation for the Olympic Torch going to the summit of Everest, China has successfully tested a cell tower at 21,325 feet on the mountain. The tower will be used by the team taking the torch to the summit to make calls and stay in touch at every stage of the climb.

Traditionally, the host country of the Olympic games organizes a Torch relay that sees the flame taken around the World as a celebration of the games themselves. The flame generally arrives at the opening ceremony to the games at about the same time as the athletes themselves. China, who hosts the 2008 Summer Games, intends to make the event it’s coming out party to the World, and is hoping to make an impressive splash. Their torch will go on the longest relay of all time, covering 85,000 miles over 130 days, including the trip to the top of the highest mountain on Earth.

After their successful test, engineers disassembled the cell tower and stored it for the Winter, with the plan to return in the Sprig to rebuild it in time for the 2008 climbing season.

The question is, will China Mobile have the iPhone by then?

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Kraig Becker

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