Choosing Your First Trek

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So you’re considering heading out on your first trek of any distance, but you’re not sure which one to choose? Fear not, Outdoor Magic is here to help with their tips for choosing your first trek. The article notes that there are a dizzying number of choices to choose from, but offers up some things you should consider before hitting the trail.

In all, their are ten suggestions that the make, and some of them seem like common sense, but honestly each of them are fairly important items to weigh into your final choice. For instance, they ask you to consider how many days or what time of year do you want to go. They both seem like something that anyone setting out on a trek would consider, but they might also gloss over these in favor of other things, such as location or cost.

While they don’t offer a lot of suggestions on how to answer these questions, the list itself is certainly one that someone new to long distance trekking should definitely consider. Answer them honestly and you’ll probably have a much more enjoyable experience on the trail.

Kraig Becker

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