CPZ Chats With Ian Adamson

Check Point Zero had the opportunity to chat with Ian Adamson recently about his involvement with the Terra Traverse Adventure Race. Ian, who retired from racing at the end of last year, has taken on the role of race director for the event.

The Q&A session is short, but has plenty of info for fans of adventure racing. Ian is currently scouting locations for the 2008 Terra Traverse, which is a stage race. He does say that at least one of the stages will be 48 hours in length, requiring teams to balance their sleep schedule on the course. He does mention that he likes the stage format though, as it allows all the teams to be constantly competing with one another on the same section of the course.

When pressed about whether or not he intends to race again in the future, Ian answers with a definitive “no”. While he won’t take to the course as a competitor though, he does offer his services as a “guide” to help teams learning the sport. For a nice fee of course. 🙂

Registration for the Terra Traverse opens November 15th. And don’t forget Ian’s other venture the 24 Hours of Triathlon which launched to much success back in September.

Update: Sleep Monsters has more information about this event with an official press release. The race will be held in Quebec, Canada with 75 teams of four racing over a 600km course. More information will be available soon once the official website is launched and operational.

Kraig Becker

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