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Jake Norton has recently returned from Nepal, where he took part in the Everest Rocks Trek in which 40 musicians turned into wandering minstrels, playing their music all the way up the Khumbu Valley before performing a concert at Everest Base Camp. It was, in fact, the highest concert ever, and was conducted to raise awareness of the Love Hope Strength Foundation. The concert was a success it would seem, as Jake reports that nearly $500,000 was raised for the Bhaktapur Cancer Hospital in Kathmandu. The funds will go a long way to making it a world class cancer treatment center.

Jake has also sorted through the 5200+ photos he took on the trip to put together a great video that helps capture the spirit of the entire event. The video starts off with the Everest Rocks group visiting the oncology ward of a children’s hospital in Kathmandu, with some really amazing shots of the children there. From there, the trek begins, and the group makes it’s way up the valley to Everest itself, where the performance takes place. The photos offer some stunning imagery of the beautiful Himalaya mountains, mixed in with shots of the musicians and other hikers who came along for the trek. They all look like they’re having a great time. You can see the slide show at read Jake’s thoughts no Everest Rocks, in his latest blog post over at his MountainWorld Blog.

Personally, I wish I could have taken part in this event. My musical abilities are limited to putting a CD in the player or ripping the CD to my iPod, but it looks like it was an incredibly fun time and all for a great cause. Thanks for sharing Jake!

Kraig Becker

3 thoughts on “Everest Rocks Slideshow!”

  1. This is the part where Sylvester Stallone poses as a roadie to hide from the AK-47 toting Yeti, right? I forgot where we left off . . .

  2. Right! And to escape, he crowd surfs through the crowd, only to be accidently dropped over a ledge. Think how scary crowd surfing would be on Everest.

    Luckily he grabs on to a near by ledge where he clings for life, glancing up to see not the Yeti, as he expects, but a Himalayan Snow Leopard, protecting it’s young…

    *dun dun dun*

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