Kayakers Challenge The Tasman Sea Again

harbour paddle
Earlier this year Andrew Mcauley attempted to paddle the Tasman Sea between Australia and New Zealand, but ended up disappearing just hours from completing his goal. Now, James Castrission and Justin Jones, both Aussies, have set off to attempt the same feat.

According to their official website they are five days into their journey and making good time. In fact the weather has been great, and although theyโ€™ve had to fight some nasty currents at times, theyโ€™ve also been able to catch a few to use to their favor, allowing them to paddle as much as 10km/hour.

You can read updates to their progress in their forum with dispatches posted several times per day. You can also read more about their journey, the gear they are using, the custom kayak, and much more on the expedition page.

Good luck guys. Be safe!

Kraig Becker

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