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The Hardwear Sessions Blog brings word that climber and Mountain Hardwear athlete, Mike Libecki recently appeared on ABC’s Nightline. The segment profiles the big wall climber and his perpetual quest to visit remote places on the planet to find new challenges to climb. Libecki prefers traveling to places remote, and untouched, and climbing walls that few have ever seen, let alone attempted a route on.

You can catch the video itself by clicking here and you can read all about Mike as well. The video is over 11 minutes in length, which is considerably longer than most mainstream coverage of climbing, and the written article is actually several pages in length as well.

I really like Mike’s approach to climbing. He really is putting a sense of adventure into his expeditions by traveling to distant places and going up new rock faces. The journey to the wall is part of the adventure, and it’s cool that he looks to get off the beaten path and far away from the crowded climbing scene that is so common elsewhere.

Kraig Becker

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  1. Glad you like the blog. And yes, the video is great. It’ll make you want to travel and climb for sure! 🙂

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