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The Primal Quest website has been updated with an excellent profile of adventure racer Bob Miller. Bob is one of the members of the team formerly known as Supplierpipeline, a Canadian team that has really made a name for itself over the past few years.

The profile takes a look at Bob’s experience, both as a racer and race director of for the Adventure Racing Canada Series and the Keen Adventure Sports Games. He joined Supplierpipeline back in 2003 and has had quite a run since then. The team finished tenth in PQ back in 2003, only to return the following year to move up a spot to ninth. Last year, the team moved up to fourth place, coming from back in the pack, and finishing neck and neck with Team Merrell Wigwam, just missing out on the podium. In 2008, they hope to push Nike for the top spot.

I mentioned that the team was formerly known as Supplierpipeline. They’ve recently split with their sponsor and are now looking for a new sponsor. Considering the success of the team, I would think someone would be eager to sign them up. The team is strong, experienced, and ready to make an even bigger splash on the AR scene. So, someone sign them up while you can.

Great profile. Lots of great info on a racer I didn’t know much about. Hopefully we’ll continue to see these profiles on the PQ site leading up to the race.

Kraig Becker

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  1. LOL! Yep, I was actually thinking that as I read through the profile. 🙂 The team is another strong one from Canada, but Team Nike still carries the flag of the U.S. 😉

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