Reminder: After The Climb Begins Tomorrow Night

The Discovery Channel has been airing the second season of Everest: Beyond The Limit for a month now, and we’re still in the midst of following the team up the mountain, but starting tomorrow night, they’ll start broadcasting After The Climb a new show that will take a look at how Everest changed impacted those who were on the mountain this past Spring.

The Discovery website explains the show like this:

Host Phil Keoghan has a fireside chat with five climbers from “Everest: Beyond the Limit 2” and several renowned Everest veterans to discuss their personal duel with the tallest mountain on earth. What does it take? Sequences from “Everest” illustrate.

No word yet on who the five climbers are, but I can guess that we’ll see Betsy Huelskamp, and Tim Medvetz and possibly Russell Brice as well. What exactly we’ll seen and what is talked about remains to be seen. Considering that the show begins airing before we even know who summits, and that there are five or six episodes planned, I have to expect that we’ll mix in some of the drama from Base Camp as much as we’ll see more talk on the climbing itself. I’ll reserve judgement on this until after I’ve seen it, but I’m going in with low expectations at this point. I’d be happy to be proved wrong though. The episode guide that I posted a link to above does say that Brice and several doctors will appear in the second episode to discuss the medical factors of climbing at high altitudes and how to combat those effects. From there, we’ll have to wait to see where things go.

Phil Keoghan is better know as the host of The Amazing Race, although he has had his fair share of adventures in his lifetime as well. He’s quite an interesting guy.

Update: I’ve received word that the climbers for the first show may not necessarily be the same people who are currently on Beyond The Limit but instead are more experienced climbers with a broader perspective on Everest itself and mountaineering in general. This makes sense in a number of ways. First, they won’t have to discuss the season of Beyond The Limit that is currently running for a couple of weeks yet, allowing us to finish watching their climb before we start discussing it.

If this is true, it greatly changes my perspective on the show, and automatically makes it more interesting to me. Guess we’ll find out more tomorrow night.

Kraig Becker

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