The Rest of Everest Bonus Episode: Savage Sister Part 2

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Last week, The Rest of Everest returned after a short hiatus, with a bonus episode entitled Savage Sister. The episode focused on Rest of Everest regular Ben Clark and his climbing partner Josh Butson, who recently returned from a trip to China, where they had hoped to put up a new route on a mountain in the Sichuan Province of China called The Barbarian. If you caught last week’s episode, you know that they found the mountain unclimbable, but they were looking for other challenges in the area.

This week we have Savage Sister Part 2 with the two men continuing to recount their adventures in China. The remote region they were exploring offered some unique and challenging climbing, in an area that few westerners have ever visited, and listening to Ben and Josh talk about their experiences there is a lot of fun. This time out, they share their thoughts not only on what climbing is like in the Sichuan Province, but also their philosophy on climbing in general and their approach to these challenging mountains on the other side of the globe.

The video and photography in this episode are amazing. The two climbers caught some great shots with some stunning views. I particularly enjoy the shots of the Ben and Josh sitting on the mountain, above the cloud line, and looking down on the valley below. There are plenty of other great images, both still and video, but those were especially amazing to me.

Anyone knew to The Rest of Everest should go back and start at the beginning. These two recent episodes are a great introduction to what you can expect, but do not focus on Everest itself. However, the 62 previous episodes, available through iTunes or the Rest of Everest website, make up the most complete look at a climb on Everest, from start to finish, that you’ll find anywhere. You’ll actually feel like you’re part of the team as you make your way through the entire climb. So, if you’ve been watching Everest: Beyond The Limit on The Discovery Channel and you would like to learn even more about an Everest expedition, I can’t recommend this video podcast highly enough. Great stuff.

Kraig Becker

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