Sahara Race Results

The Sahara Race finished up over the weekend with Andrew Murray of Scotland taking first overall, followed by Mark Tamminga of Canada, and Alain Wehbi of France in second and third respectively. Canadian Sandra McCallum was first over all amongst the women. Each of them crossed the finish line in Cairo on Saturday, in the shadow of the ancient Sphinx and the Great Pyramid in the background.

The Sahara Race is the latest in Racing The Planet’s 4 Deserts marathons. The other races in the series include The Atacama Crossing, The Gobi March, and The Last Desert, which will get underway in just a few weeks in Antarctica. The Last Desert is an invitational only event scheduled to start on November 21st.

Typically I try to follow the 4 Desert events a little more closely, but with a number of other things going on recently, it was tough to get the results on a daily basis. It sounds like it was another successful event, with competitors from around the globe taking part in the six-stages, that varied in length from 10-50 miles across the sands of the Sahara, one of the hottest places on Earth. I’ll try to follow the Last Desert more closely.

Kraig Becker

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