Simone and Shaheen Back To Broad Peak

Simone Moro and climbing partner Shaheen Baig attempted a Winter summit on Broad Peak earlier this year, but thanks to extremely harsh conditions, they were forced back. The pair haven’t given up on their challenge though, as is reporting that the two plan to head back for a Winter 2008 attempt on the mountain.

The duo feel that the were more than ready for the challenge last year, but missed their opportunity because they were too late in reaching the mountain. That is something they hope to change this year. Simone will fly to Islamabad, where he will join Shaheen, on December 30th. From there, they will set out for Skardu and begin the trek to Broad Peak BC.

If successful, this will be the first Winter ascent on Broad Peak, and the only Karakorum 8000m peak to see a Winter summit. While Makalu remains the lone 8-thousander in Nepal to be unclimbed in Winter, K2, Nanga Parbat, and the Gasherbrums join BP in that category in the Karakorum.

If you followed the climb last year, you’ll remember how hard these two worked on the mountain. In the end, they just couldn’t beat mother nature. Simone in particular has a number of Winter summits under his belt though, so with any luck he’ll be able to add this one in a few months time.

Kraig Becker

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