Tales of Survival From Outside

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In commemoration of their November cover, which features Bear Grylls on the cover, Outside Online has posted 12 stories of survival.

You’ll find several amazing stories including a man who was stranded in the snow for eight days and another who was lost in the Amazon for weeks. When you’re done reading these harrowing tales, you can also check out the Outside interview with Bear himself, whose show returns this Friday on Discovery Channel.

There is something about a good survival tale that is hard to forget. It reminds us about the human spirit and it’s need to not only have hope, but also try to persevere. Each of these stories are in different locations and vastly different circumstances, but the people involved all had a strength about them that allowed them to hope for help and eventually make it back to their normal lives. Very interesting stuff.

Kraig Becker

5 thoughts on “Tales of Survival From <i>Outside</i>”

  1. Wow, how about the older couple who got mauled by a cougar! Bear’s article was disappointing.

  2. Yeah. There has been a lot of disappointment over the Bear article. He doesn’t really “come clean” as the cover would suggest. It’s about what you would expect.

    That story of the cougar attack is crazy indeed!

  3. I subscribe to NG Adventure and usually stay away from Outside (a little too MAXIM for me). But I couldn’t resist this one, what with Bear on the cover and all. I agree, that “exclusive interview” was the definition of “disappointing”.

  4. Yeah, Adventure is the more consistently interesting magazine to me. Outside is still decent, but not nearly what it once was.

    Adventure covers more things that appeal to me than Outside.

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