Tomaz Humar On His Solo Annapurna Summit

ExWeb is running a pair of articles on Tomaz Humar, who recently made a solo summit of Annapurna’s South Face. The summit came along a new route and was done completely in Alpine style.

The first article is a report on the official debrief of the climb, with information on the route itself. There is also a day by day breakdown of Humar’s climb, with a bit of information on what he was experiencing as he went up the mountain.

The second article is a brief interview with Artur Hajzer, who was part of the Polish team that put up the first Winter route along the South Face of Annapurna back in 1987. Hajzer confirms that Humar’s new route is completely unique, and only crosses his route at 5800m where Tomaz made his first bivy.

It’s great to get more information on this climb. We first heard about it a few weeks back, but this is the first details we’ve gotten. To go up Annapurna, on a new route no less, in Alpine style, is truly amazing.

Kraig Becker

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