The Ultrarunner’s Diet

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Ever wonder how those amazingly fit ultrarunners feed the machine? Want some tips on how to approach your own nutritional needs when training? Than check out today’s entry on The Ultra Distance Athlete’s Diet over at Matt Hart’s Coaching Endurance blog.

Matt offers up some great tips on diet and eating habits, some of which you’ve probably heard before, but they can’t be stressed enough. For instance, he reminds us to stay hydrated, drinking plenty of water. He also notes that you should be eating six small meals a day, having something every two to three hours.

Even better yet, he does a great job in explaining why we should do these things to not only aid in performance, but also in recovery.

I’ve mentioned Matt’s blog before, but if you haven’t read it in the past, it’s a great source of insight into training for endurance events and performing well in ultra distance races. Matt mixes in some of his own experiences, including his recent experience with a double hernia. Yeah. Double. Ouch!

Kraig Becker

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