#1 Best Hiking Region In The World: New Zealand

BestHike.com caps off our Christmas Morning with one more present, as they name New Zealand their #1 Hiking Region in the World. Not only is New Zealand number one, Best Hike says “there is no debate”, proclaiming that it doesn’t matter whether you go to the North or South Island, they’re both great, and offer a lot of diversity.

There are a number of amazing photos that are submitted as evidence to their claim that NZ is the top trekking destination in the World. They also say that the country is safe, clean, and kid friendly, while the trails are uncrowded and offer magnificent vistas and unique opportunities around every bend. On top of all that, there is a wide window for when to visit, with Best Hike recommending Mid-November through Mid-April as the best times to visit.

Their favorite trek in the region is the Tongariro Circuit, proclaiming that when you hike that trail, you’ll feel like you stepped right into Middle Earth itself. The trail winds it’s way from Mt. Tongariro to Mt. Ngauruhoe passing by snow capped volcanos and stunning glaciers in the process.

So, that wraps up the Top Ten Best Hiking Regions in the World according to BestHike.com. You can read the complete Top Ten here in case you missed any. Yesterday I was speculating on what the #1 spot in the World would be, and it completely escaped me that New Zealand wasn’t on the listed. In fact, I was thinking that British Columbia might be on there for some of it’s great hiking. I suppose that was well covered with “The Rockies”, and of course NZ deserves it’s spot at the top.

Great stuff! Thanks to Rick over at Best Hike for another fun list to end the year! Keep up the great work!

Kraig Becker

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  1. Yep, New Zealand has a lot of great things to offer. Definitely a hot spot for any fan of outdoor adventure.

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