2008 Primal Quest Location To Be Announced Soon!

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There was a brief update to the Primal Quest website today to let us know that the 2008 location is very close to being announced. The message doesn’t say much more than that, but we are told to expect the announcement in the next two weeks in the release of the second PQ newsletter.

Rumors of the location of next year’s race have been floating around for awhile, with speculation ranging from Montana, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, and even Arizona. At this point, I have no idea where the race will actually be held, but in my recent interview with PQ CEO Don Mann, I was told that the process was moving along very well, and that the state that will host the race has been very cooperative and helpful. The last I heard, they were in the final stages of receiving those permits, and from there they would be free to announce the location.

For now, I guess we’ll have to stay patient for a few more weeks, but it looks like we’ll know the location by Christmas. Topographic maps of the race location will make a perfect gift for the adventure racer in your life. I’m kidding. Or maybe not!

Kraig Becker

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