#5 Best Hiking Region In The World: Central Andes

All week long BestHike.com has been counting down the Top Ten Best Hiking Regions in the World, and today we’re up to #5: The Central Andes.

Located in Equador, Peru and Bolivia, the Central Andes are bordered by vast, and dry deserts to the West, and the Amazon Rainforest to the East. In between, you’ll find an array of amazing places to hike, with breathtaking scenery, snow capped mountains, and lush, shady valleys. Best Hike recommends Peru, which has seen a tourism boom in recent years, because of it’s amazing glacier hiking and high altitude wonderlands. But, be aware that the Peruvian Government doesn’t regulate the treks as they should, which has resulted in a vast discrepancy in the level of service. Book with a reputable guide service if you intend to hike the Inca Trail or one of the many other amazing treks in the region.

Best Hike’s favorite trek is the Austingate Circuit, located in Peru. It makes their Top Ten Best Hikes in the World list, coming in at Number 4. They love it for the stunning vistas, remote and seldom visited trails, and the thousands of alpacas you’ll see along the way. They rate it much higher than the “over hyped” Inca Trail, and recommend it to anyone looking for a less crowded experience in the Peruvian Andes.

It is noted that while Best Hike recommends the Central Andes region, they mostly have focused on Peru, because Bolivia lacks a strong tourist infrastructure, which might be excellent for the experienced independent traveler, but not a great time for others. They also note that Ecuador is a great choice, calling it a “much neglected” destination.

Kraig Becker

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