#6 Best Hiking Region In The World: Patagonian Andes

The Patagonian Andes claim the sixth spot on BestHike.com’s list of the Top Ten Best Hiking Regions in the World.

Patagonia is well known for it’s rugged, remote landscapes that are at times stark and beautiful. Best Hike recommends five areas to concentrate your exploration on, which are The Araucania, the Lake District, Central and Southern Patagonia, and Tierra del Fuego. They recommend starting in Bariloche, Argentina with a trek to Aconcagua, the tallest mountain in South America. From there, head to the Lake District for some of the tallest volcanoes in the World. Then finish up your Patagonian adventure by heading South to explore the towering peaks that hug the region at it’s southern most tip.

Best Hike names the Paine Circuit as their favorite trek in the area. Located in Chile, the Paine Circuit will take you past some of the most stunning mountains anywhere on Earth. The majestic views make for an amazing trek and can be done with the help of a guide or independently.

Before you go however, be sure to brush up on your Spanish a bit, and bring your foul weather gear. Patagonia is notorious for it’s fickle weather and it can be dangerous for the unprepared.

Another great choice for a region to hike in, and another that is on my list of places to visit. With five selections down (Indian Himalaya, The Alps, Australia, Nepal, and now Patagonia) I can’t help but wonder what the top five will hold for us. I guess we’ll just have to be patient and see what is revealed over the next few days.

Kraig Becker

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