#8 Best Hiking Region In The World: Australia

The countdown continues over at BestHike.com for the Top 10 Best Hiking Regions In The World. Yesterday we learned that the Indian Himalaya and the Alps were number 10 and 9 respectively. Today, coming in at #8 is Australia.

Best Hike says: “We love Australia. Who doesn’t? What’s not to like? It’s paradise Down Under.” The region is lauded for it’s varied terrain that includes mountains, deserts, and rain forests, which make for some remote trekking. The abundant wildlife, with kangaroos and wallabies in camp, doesn’t hurt either. Their overall favorite hike? The Overland Trek in Tasmania which is also on the Best Hike’s: Top 10 Hikes In The World list.

Hmm… so how great is the hiking in Australia for the entire damn continent to make the list? Sounds like a trekker’s dream come true.

Kraig Becker

3 thoughts on “#8 Best Hiking Region In The World: Australia”

  1. The overland is excellent and certainly one of the top 2 hikes for TOURISTS in Australia including the LARAPINTA trail in the desert off of Alice Springs.
    But locals will speak to you about the best, which is remote too.
    The Western Arthurs in Tasmania.
    It’s just a place you cannot dream about, it’s unreal and magic.

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