Abu Dhabi Adventure Challenge Update: Day 3 Update

It’s day 3 of the Abu Dhabi Adventure Challenge and the “Camel Hikeing” has begun. The live leaderboard doesn’t have any data from out on the course today, but at the beginning of today’s stage Eurosport Sport NZ captained by Richard Ussher held a narrow 3 minute lead over Team Nike for the top spot. Third place is currently held by Wilsa Helly Hansen who are now 19 minutes behind the leaders.

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m not a big fan of using animals in adventure racing. They’re too unpredictable. And according to today’s news update that came though again in this stage. It seems there is confusion as to how teams proceeded through the course today, with some teams coming in a lot faster than others, but opting to take a shorter route, which will eventually penalize them I’m sure. The judges are trying to make rulings on the results today, and times will be updated following those rulings. It does seem that the unpredictable nature of camels did make things frustrating today.

At the moment, Eurosport and Nike seem to be racing neck and neck with one another. Eurosport came off the initial sea kayak stage with a five minute lead, but yesterday the teams raced along side one another, with Nike eventually picking up a minute o the leaders. I’m sure Nike is waiting for the mountain bike stage when they can put the hammer down and take control of the race, barring any unforeseen issues with today’s stage for either team.

They’ve also added images and video from the race as well, which so far seems to have be a success in it’s inaugural run.

Kraig Becker

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