Another Top 10 List of Outdoor Towns

I was directed to this article over at while reading the Outdoorzy Blog. It’s another one of those “Top 10” lists for outdoor towns in the United States. It seems everyone and their brother has to make a list like this one these days, considering we’ve seen them from National Geographic Adventure and Outside Magazine, amongst others.

This list doesn’t stray too far from the others. While the towns aren’t exactly the same, the locations are not all that far away either. You’ll find such towns as McCall, Idaho, which offers plenty of climbing, mountain biking, fishing and so on. Salida, Colorado makes the list, declaring that there are more than 300 days of sunshine each year, and the town sits nestled between more than 15 peaks of 14,000 feet or more. Ely, Minnesota sits on the edge of the Boundary Waters, and makes for a great paddling location, although I’d suggest you avoid it in Winter. In that part of Minnesota Winter hits right around the first of October. But don’t worry, it ends in May or so. 😉

The image is from Bethel, Maine by the way. In case you’re looking for a place to go skiing. Don’t confuse it with Bethel, Alaska however. That would be a very big mistake, and not one you would want to admit to.

I suppose these lists are great if you’re looking to relocate and want to find a new place for your outdoor adventures. They’re fairly arbitrary though. You know that they all want to put Boulder on their list, but they just can’t pull the trigger, since it pretty much wins these awards all the time anyway. Maybe they should start calling these lists “Top 10 Outdoor Towns Not Named Boulder, Colorado” or something.

Kraig Becker

3 thoughts on “Another Top 10 List of Outdoor Towns”

  1. Yes..the winters sure do start early in the Ely Minnesota area.

    Sometime a person does get lucky with some nice weather in October,but to plan a trip for that month..A person is taking a huge gamble..:)

    I'd sure like to check out the other places on that list.Someday I will..:)

    Elizabeth in Minnesota

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