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A couple of weeks back I mentioned a post on Jake Norton’s MountainWorld Blog that offered up tips to take better expedition photos. Jake, who has quite a bit of experience on the subject, had some great suggestions on how we can improve our photography in general, but especially while on an adventure somewhere.

Today I have a similar article that I found over at the Adventure 16 Blog that offers up tips on taking better backpacking photos. The article is written by Stephen Matera, who has been shooting photography for over 12 years, specializing in outdoor sports and landscapes in particular.

Amongst the tips that Stephen offers up are avoiding cluttering your photos, framing them in such a way that everything has a purpose in the shot. He also recommends using people in your shots of landscapes to help give a sense of scale. There are a few other tips as well, including some ideas on what you should be looking for in a camera.

As I mentioned in my last post on the subject, I’m still learning the ropes when it comes to taking good photographs, so any articles like this one are of interest to me. I took my new Nikon D40 out for a spin over the weekend, and didn’t find myself taking any shots that were terribly interesting, but it was a good way to get acquainted with the new camera and get use to how it feels in my hands. The beauty of digital photography is that you can shoot pictures all day and then see how they turned out rather quickly. From there you deleted the ones that turned out poorly and use the images you keep as a learning tool, thinking about why they turned out better than the ones you discarded, but also on ways that you can improve on them as well. Practice makes perfect here too.

By the way, the image attached to this post is an example of Stephen’s work. Very nice stuff. You can find more on his website.

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