The Beckoning Silence Comes To AFF

I received a press release today announcing that the Alpinist Film Festival will host the North American premier of Joe Simpson’s The Beckoning Silence which is based on his book by the same name. The film follows Joe Simpson, of Touching The Void fame, as he climbs the North Face of the Eiger, and recounts the tragic 1936 expedition on the same mountain.

The film debuted on the BBC in the U.K. back in October, to critical acclaim. It’ll make it’s debut at the film festival on January 19th, at the end of “Stone Night”, and will be in contention for the People’s Choice Award. The film has already won the Best Mountaineering Film at the Kendal Mountain Film Festival and a Special Jury Award at the Banff Mountain Film Festival.

The Alpinist Film Festival runs from January 17-20 in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Each day of the festival is broken into the themes “snow”, “surf”, and “stone”. Films will be shown at the Teton Village Walk Festival from the 17-19, with the People’s Choice nominees being shown on the 20th.

This is great news for anyone here in the States who was hoping to see this film. With any luck, after the film festival is over, the film will get picked up for distribution either theatrically or for broadcast on television. For those going to the festival, reviews would be appreciated, while the rest of us wait for an opportunity to see it ourselves.

Kraig Becker

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  1. We probably won’t hear anything until after the AFF is over, but I’m guessing that someone will pick the film up to broadcast it. Maybe the BBC or BBC America will show it here, or possibly public television. Our PBS station shows Touching The Void regularly.

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