Behind The Scenes on King Lines

By now, I’m sure many of you have heard about King Lines, the documentary about rock climber Chris Sharma, and his quest to travel to the ends of the Earth to challenge his skills on the toughest rock faces in the most off the beaten path places. The film has been heralded not only for Chris’ amazing climbing ability, but also for it’s incredible production values and high quality shots.

Now, Apple, Inc. (they’re no longer Apple Computers) has posted a behind the scenes look at the production of the film in their Pro Profiles section, which highlights professional artists in a wide variety of industries, who are using Macintosh computers and Apple software, to create their projects.

In this case, the two pros that they are shining the spotlight on are filmmaker Josh Lowell and photographer Corey Rich, the creative minds behind King Lines. The two men thought that they could introduce Chris Sharma to a broader audience, outside the rock climbing world, and that his story would appeal to someone who typically had no interest in climbing. Judging from the amount of attention the film has garnered, I’d say they succeeded in their goal.

The article is hosted on Apple’s website, so of course it’s a bit of a commercial about their products. However, that bit aside, it’s also a great look at how filmmakers approach a project like this one, and what tools they can use to tell their story. But, seeing as how Apple likes to “think different”, the article is also a peek at the spirt of Chris Sharma, and his drive to climb the hardest big walls in the World.

You can check out the King Lines trailer, in HD no less, by clicking here.

Kraig Becker

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