Breaking News: Primal Quest Comes To Montana!

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The Primal Quest website has just been updated with the news that the 2008 PQ will be held in Montana, ending weeks of speculation as to where the next race would be run.

The announcement official came in the second competitor newsletter in which Primal Quest CEO Don Mann sends an open letter to the teams preparing for next year’s event. Don notes that while Colorado, Idaho, Wyoming, and Arizona were also in the running to host PQ 2008, he’s excited to bring the event to Montana where he promises racers that they “will love this course and will never forget it!”

He goes on to say because next year’s race will be a supported event, the course designers could feel free to challenge the teams even further. In 2006, when the race was held in Utah, they battled the heat as much as they did the course. In Montana, the heat won’t be an issue, but the more than 100,000 feet of vertical gain will most certainly challenge everyone. Don once again promises teams that they “will paddle and swim in big white water and you will perform world-class mountain navigation”, on top of all that climbing both on foot and on the bike.

The letter continues on with a bit of information regarding TV coverage. While nothing is officially in place yet, the PQ Team continues to work hard at garnering the most media attention possible for the event, hopefully including a television deal to broadcast the 2008 race. Don feels that in order for the sport of adventure racing to continue to grow, media coverage is of the utmost importance for the racers, sponsors, and events like Primal Quest.

Speaking personally, I have to say that I think Montana is a great choice for the 2008 Primal Quest. It has some of the most mountainous, remote regions anywhere in the United States, and it’s a place that a lot of people don’t know anything about. The course has the potential to be far and away the most challenge PQ ever put together, and with 100,000 feet of vertical gain (or is that pain?) the teams will certainly have their work cut out for them. The event is now 7 months away, and the teams have been put on notice. Run hills. Lots and lots of hills. And when you’re tired and exhausted from running hills, run some more. Something tells me you’re going to need every bit of that training! Welcome to Big Sky Country!

I can’t wait for PQ 2008! 🙂

Kraig Becker

5 thoughts on “Breaking News: Primal Quest Comes To Montana!”

  1. Montana, how exciting! Jealousy just set in. These PM Quest athletes make me feel so inadequate! I hope that ABC,CBS or NBC picks this up.

  2. I hear you! If you look up “Inadequate” in the dictionary there is a picture of me standing next to Mike Kloser. 😉 They are definitely supreme athletes.

    I’d actually love to see the Discovery Channel or National Geographic pick up the race and show it over several nights rather than trying to boil it down to a one or two hour show. I use to love watching Eco-Challenge back in the day on USA network when it would run for five consecutive nights. Now THAT is reality TV. 🙂

  3. We are very excited to display our new Arantix mountain bike in this awesome and challenging race with a team to be named later.What a fantastic proving ground to test the strength and stability of this truely unique frame which uses the patented Isotruss technology. Delta 7 Sports is proud to be a new member of this great event.

  4. Awesome news Ed! I look forward to hearing which team is using your new frame. And you’re right, this should be a great place to take the bike out for a “shake down” cruise!

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