Disaster Strikes Alpinist

I just received an email message with the subject listed as: “Alpinist Fire” and the opening line stating “All Inventory Lost”. Apparently, a fire struck a warehouse on December 5th that contained all the back issues, hats, shirts, and other gear for Alpinist Magazine destroying everything inside.

According to the email message, a forklift operator at the warehouse backed into a gas line, puncturing it. A near by gas heater ignited the fumes, causing the whole building to come in flames. All 20 people inside escaped unharmed, and more than 200 fire fighters were on the scene to combat the blaze, but at that point, the building was beyond saving.

This comes at a bad time for Alpinist which would normally be having banner sales of gear items for the holidays. Loss of their entire back catalog of issues is a devastating blow as well, but current subscription fulfillment is unaffected.

Perhaps this would be a great time to send out a gift subscription or two to help the magazine out some. It’s one of the best adventure related magazines out there, and it’s high quality content and images are right up there with the best in any industry. It’ll make a great gift for your climber, mountaineer, or adventurer.

Kraig Becker

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