Expedition To Kampire Dior

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MountEverest.net has launched a new series of articles today that will focus on an expedition to Kampire Dior, a remote mountain in the Karakorum, located at one end of the Batura Glacier, that stands 7143m in height.

A team of Polish climbers set out this past Summer to climb the mountain, as well as near by Yashkuk Peak, which stands at 6,667m. Their plan was to climb alpine style as three independent teams, but were also ready to revert to an expedition climb should the situation prove to necessitate it.

This first article discusses the team leaving Poland, via the Warsaw airport, and their arrival in Pakistan, where they began their journey in ernest. However, things start to deviate from the plan very quickly, as they are forced to cough up $6000 for a deposit on a helicopter, should a rescue become necessary, and the agreed upon price for their jeep transport to the mountain had suddenly changed.

More details on the expedition will be coming in future articles, as the team arrives in base camp and begins to tell the tale of their climb. From the sound of it, they got more than they bargained for on Kampire Dior, and we’ll be treated to a first hand account of their adventure in future articles.

Kraig Becker

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